Difference Between an Excel Spreadsheet and a Database

An Excel spreadsheet can be comparable to a database visually, as they are both organized in a tabular format; however, they are two different things and present a lot of differences that distinguish one from the other. The differences between an Excel spreadsheet and a database are : Excel sheet has cells; a database has … Read more

Pros and Cons of Excel Macros

Before diving into the pros and cons of Excel macros, I will start by giving you a definition of macros in Excel and what are they used for. An Excel macro is an action or a series of actions that are recorded by Excel recorder, at the user’s request, to produce an automated process for … Read more

What Is the Difference Between XLS and XLSX

XLS versus XLSX

The standard Excel workbooks can have one of two extensions: XLS or XLSX. The XLS format is the old one and was the default format before Excel 2007. XLSX is the newer one that was introduced in 2007; it is the default format for Excel 2007 and later. In the following, I will list you … Read more

Cell Format Types in Excel and How To Implement Them

Number format drop-down list in Excel
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This tutorial about cell format types in Excel is an essential part of your learning of Excel and will definitely do a lot of good to you in your future use of this software, as a lot of tasks in Excel sheets are based on cells format, as well as several errors are due to a bad implementation of it.