How to filter data in Excel

In this tutorial on how to filter data in Excel, we will see how to apply a filter on an Excel spreadsheet, how to use its different options, how to clear a filter for a specific column or for all columns, and how to remove the filter from all the spreadsheet.

Excel formulas

Excel Formulas tab

In this tutorial, we will talk about Excel formulas. Precisely, how to create or insert a formula, how to edit it, how to use functions in a formula, and how to copy a formula down a column or along a row.

Cover page in Word

cover page word

The cover page is the front cover of your Word document, which can contain, among other things, the document title, the author, a brief description, the date, a background or an image.
In this tutorial, we will see how to create cover pages in Word documents, as well as how to insert, modify, and remove them.