Difference Between an Excel Spreadsheet and a Database

An Excel spreadsheet can be comparable to a database visually, as they are both organized in a tabular format; however, they are two different things and present a lot of differences that distinguish one from the other. The differences between an Excel spreadsheet and a database are : A spreadsheet has cells; a database has … Read more

Pros and Cons of Excel Macros

Before diving into the pros and cons of Excel macros, I will start by giving you a definition of macros in Excel and what are they used for. An Excel macro is an action or a series of actions that are recorded by Excel recorder, at the user’s request, to produce an automated process for … Read more

What Is the Difference Between XLS and XLSX

XLS versus XLSX

The standard Excel workbooks can have one of two extensions: XLS or XLSX. The XLS format is the old one and was the default format before Excel 2007. XLSX is the newer one that was introduced in 2007; it is the default format for Excel 2007 and later. The question now is what is the … Read more

How to Sort Data in Excel

Excel sort

In this Excel tutorial, we’ll learn how to sort data in Excel using the simple sort command (how to sort text, numbers, or dates), as well as how to sort multiple columns, how to sort by color, and how to sort by rows using the custom sort.

How to Filter Data in Excel

Clear filter in Excel

In this tutorial on how to filter data in Excel, we will see how to apply a filter on an Excel spreadsheet, how to use its different options, how to clear a filter for a specific column or for all columns, and how to remove the filter from all the spreadsheet.