How To Change the Columns Width and Rows Height in Excel

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Whenever you work on an Excel spreadsheet, in most cases you will need to change the size of the cells to be able to view all the content they contain. But, to do this, and due to the tabular structure of the spreadsheet, you will of course have to resize the entire column or row … Read more

How to Use Excel: Beginners Guide to Learn All Excel Basics

Excel tutorial for beginners
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This tutorial is an Excel tutorial for beginners covering all the basic features of this software. It will enable you to master Excel basics, quickly and efficiently.

You will learn how to use the Excel interface; how to create and save a workbook; how to manage Excel sheets; how to enter, edit, and format data; how to manage rows, columns, and cells; how to format cells; how to use formulas and functions; how to sort and filter data; how to create and edit charts; how to print a sheet or part of it; how to hide the ribbon, how to convert an Excel sheet to PDF; and how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar.

After this tutorial, you will no longer remain a beginner in Excel.